Don’t Be That Douche Part 1

I repeat myself. A lot. That is because the same shit is happening every day with no end in sight. So prepare for a long rant. Since it is such a long rant, I broke it up into small bite-size pieces. Because I’m thoughtful as fuck. What began as a single blog post has turned into a 10-part series. I know, fucking 10! That was right off the top of my head, too. Digging any further would turn into a monograph series, and I just don’t have the energy. I’m too busy fighting off douchebags at every turn.

I guess I have a metric fuckton of shit to say on the matter. Like I said, same shit every fucking day. Different variations, but the same shit. I have divided it into 10 categories, almost all falling under douchebag comments I encounter on social media. I’m done playing nice (stop laughing), it’s time for men to get their shit together. If you are a well-intentioned man, meaning just a decent human being in general, and you see this horseshit, call it out. Stop letting it slide under the radar like it’s okay. If it’s not okay with you, say something. For everyone’s sake. I know you’re out there, so speak up. I have several dear friends who are men, and they are always there for me and stick up for me. Every time.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Number One: “You’re overreacting.” Really!?! Jesus Fucking Christ. How does a man reach past the age of 18 say shit like that and not get throttled on a daily basis? If a woman is talking about her personal experience, you don’t get to decide how she reacts to that situation. And you likely don’t know anything about what she’s feeling. I don’t know if you’re trying to infuriate women because you are some lame ass “edgelord,” (very impressed, so original), or more likely you are trying to invalidate their feelings and how they express themselves. Not your job. Not even your business.

You don’t get to dictate someone else’s feelings because you don’t agree with what you hear, you self-righteous prick. And if you are being edgy, stop taking pride in being an asshole. I can’t think of anything that is more useless. It’s waste of everyone’s time and energy including yours, you knuckle dragger. Fucking grow up already.

If you want to debate a subject, not how someone feels, but the actual subject matter, use your words, asshole. And how about remaining calm? Don’t rant and rave in all caps, start name calling, gaslighting, or use any sort of shaming tactic. If you can’t do that, why don’t you, oh I don’t know, go punch a wall or something. That’s not overreacting, like at all. Do you know how many walls I’ve punched? None.

Get your shit together.