Crying Man Babies

Seriously, dudes, stop with the whining. Almost everything I say causes some grown-ass man to throw a temper tantrum. Like a fucking toddler but with less self restraint. And women are called overly emotional and dramatic? Fuck you. How’s that for dramatic?

Over the last week, I have had a man throw a hissy fit on my post because a friend said “men who can’t tell the difference between being ASKED and butting in are trash.” Oh, boo fucking hoo. Someone said *some* men are trash and it still hurt a man’s feelings. So we can’t say that men are trash even when they’re being shitty because that’s “misandry.” My bad.

Just one thing though, can we NOT equate misandry with misogyny? There’s a huge difference. Misandry, for the most part, is hurting men’s feelings on the internet. Misogyny brutalizes and murders women and girls every day all around the globe. It’s like the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it. It’s not the same thing. Not even close. But we shouldn’t say “trash” because reasons.

Here’s a pro tip: If it’s not about you, don’t make it about you. If you’re not being an asshole, the woman saying trash is not talking about you. Scroll on. The universe does not revolve around your ever-shrinking ego. Shocker, I know, but better you find out now. Women say things like this based on their own personal experience, and you don’t get to negate that because you don’t like how it sounds to you personally. It’s not your job to police how they voice it either.

I’ll give you a rather personal example. I wrote a chapter called “Not Asking For It.” I had to ask two different people to read it to make sure it wasn’t “too man hater-ish.” And I followed that up with “It’s hard not to hate men when they’re so fucking disgusting.” That was said in the context of what I had just written about and what I had been through at the hands of men, many of whom claimed they were the one of “good ones” or “nice guys.” And when I said it, I fucking meant it. I also stand by it. If you knew, and a lot of women do, a fraction of what I have experienced, you would be hard pressed to disagree.

Bottom line: If you’re going to go ballistic over a random “some men are trash” comment, which already implies #notallmen dumbass, imagine what it would feel like to read/hear/witness being called names like bitch, uppity, cunt, whore, slut, ho, fake, superficial, golddigger, crazy, and psycho. The list goes on, but Jesus I don’t have the energy. Oh and throw in some rape and domestic violence jokes because that shit is fire! Yeah, being called trash must be terrible. You poor delicate creature. You probably can’t imagine what women go through because you’re too busy freaking the fuck out over the word trash. Grow the fuck up.

Edit: As I was trying to post this, I got sidetracked by some random dude going full-on man crybaby on one of my posts. I added the word “uppity” because of him. So thanks, dick.