Hey kids.** It’s me again, Angry Beard Face. Apparently y’all haven’t learned yet. So here we are, cutting into my Rick and Morty time… (sigh)

Mansplaining. Yes the dreaded “M” word. I bet you’re tired of having that lobbed at you, huh? Pro tip, stop being a pretentious know it all fuck nugget. And you do it to men too, but most of us are just too stubborn and will argue with your mentally deficient ass anyway. (I’ll admit I get into a mood every once in awhile, ask Cortney.) Be that as it may, it’s fucking rude no matter who you do it to.

Look dude, we know. You think you’re the smartest person in the room. But you’re not. Trust me. You might be the loudest one in the room because you drone on and on about whatever you think the conversation is about. But being the loudest one in the room just means you’re the weakest one in the room.

And let’s be honest, your high-pitched, over emotional screeching isn’t about imparting knowledge, it’s about making it about you. “Well in my experience” or “I studied hurr de durr for blah blah years” is just another way for you to whip your dick out (we’ve gone over this, don’t) and make yourself feel better. Why though? Is it because you feel left out, or you’re triggered, or your fragile ego is cracking right down the center or some other alpha male bullshit reason? I dunno what your issue is but it runs deeper than Mariana’s Trench, and I can’t get myself into your ass-backwards headspace to try and unpack that cluster fuck. But you need to unfuck yourself, because we’re sick of your shit

**as long as you shit-smeared incels continue to act like a bratty children, I’ll keep calling you kids.