No, assholes, my pics have nothing to do with your degrading behavior.

Me displaying my body however I want is just that. It’s mine, it’s my decision, and I own that. It’s one of the ways I choose to celebrate my femininity and sexuality *gasp* on my own terms. Women are objectified all the time and no one seems to mind, but the second she’s in charge suddenly she’s a slut, an attention whore; she’s vain, a narcissist, needy, etc. Whatever.

However I choose to share or display that, no matter how publicly, is not an invitation or a solicitation. For anything. Do you know what is an invitation? A fucking invitation! And no, sorry dude bro, you’re responsible for your own thoughts and actions, as well as your inability to not be a creep on the internet, just as much as I am responsible for my online activities.

My experience with online harassment has not been brought on by whatever picture or meme I share. It existed way before that. It’s a constant. If anything it’s lessened some, but my decision to publicly shame these cretin would-be abusers might have something to do with that. It has stirred up some shit for sure, but I don’t give a fuck. It’s worth it to me to expose these fuckers for who they really are.

I get it. Sexy pictures give guys sexy thoughts, but so do a myriad of other things that have nothing to do with sex or sexual imagery. I also understand having sexual thoughts/impulses at inappropriate times. Believe me, I get that. But like an adult, I know when to keep it to a simple compliment, a racy joke perhaps with a close friend, and most importantly I know when to keep my mouth shut. It’s an important skill we should all try to develop and utilize.

If it’s an adult subject matter and you decide to engage, then act like a fucking adult. At least for the few seconds or minutes that you have chosen to involve yourself. You can manage to do at least that much, can’t you champ?