“Whatever You’re Fat Anyway”

Ah yes, dating is tough. It doesn’t matter if you’re thin, fat, tall or short. Online or IRL, people don’t always handle rejection well. I always try to be polite when refusing someone’s attention, polite but clear.

Inevitably, my simple, “Thanks but I’m not interested in dating you,” has made more than a few men angry. I’m never rude but that’s not what matters. Often,they respond with comments saying they were just wanting to “hook up”. More frequently they sling insults. The most common is, “whatever you’re fat or ugly anyway.”

Look douche canoe, I was fat 10 minutes ago when you asked me to dinner. Also, as far as I can tell, my face looks the same.

Why? I really don’t understand. If you’re told no, just walk away. It’s a small world out there, your behaviors will be seen. Not only that, do you think insulting me is going to make me hit my knees?

This is a prime example of how women are looked at by far too many men far too often. We are only worthwhile if they are interested in banging us and if we are willing.

Hey fellas, just say thanks for the honesty and move on the the next “lucky” lady. You’re more likely to get a date if you’re not a tool.