Friend Zone? Fuck you.

I hate this term. I hate to hear men bitch about it, sometimes incessantly. I hate the smug sense of entitlement that comes with it. I hate everything about the concept in general. It’s bullshit. Utter bullshit. Women don’t owe you sex; not because you helped her out once (or even a hundred times), not because you offered a shoulder to cry on, not because you helped her move a fucking couch that one time. Women don’t owe you sex for any reason. Period.

She asked you for a favor or some help because she thought you were her friend. That’s what friends do. But you weren’t a friend, at all. In any sense of the word. You were a random letch who thought doing a favor should automatically entitle you to a sexual payoff in return or at least one in the future, you know, once you put in your time. If that’s the case, you were just an entitled cunt to begin with. Not a friend, but for sure an asshole, and really fucking creepy by the way.

Of course there are times when friends develop feelings and fall in love along the way. But we’re talking feelings that are not only real but mutual. However, if you have ever used the term “friend zone” to slander a woman simply because she doesn’t want to fuck you, the only thing you were feeling was your dick and your wounded pride. Maybe you do have genuine feelings for her, beyond the “she’s hot and should want me” narrative you tell yourself. Maybe you had those feelings from the start. But she doesn’t have the same feelings towards you or we wouldn’t be talking about this bullshit, overused, insulting concept in the first place.

Men who use the term “friend zone” use it to play the victim and vilify the woman at the same time. I mean, fuck her feelings right? You just want pussy. Maybe there’s something you need to address in your personality or how you talk to her or other people in your life, particularly women. Maybe you have bad breath. I don’t know. The point is (to paraphrase an already very popular term), “she’s just not that into you.” And guess what? If a woman develops feelings and wants more than a platonic relationship, she will let you know. But what she does with her body is her call.

On the flip side, women develop feelings and/or maybe just want to fuck a guy who isn’t interested in them too. They have desires that go unfulfilled because their feelings are not reciprocated. It’s happened to you. It’s happened to me. It’s happened to everyone. But what’s the term for that? For when a woman wants more than a man is willing to give. There isn’t one, except maybe unrequited love. Completely different connotation, and I have rarely heard of that term being used to shame a man into feeling something he doesn’t or, more importantly, pressure him into doing something physically he doesn’t want to do. Does it happen? I’m sure it has, but it’s something I’ve only witnessed once and also not the point of this post.

So fuck the “friend zone.” It doesn’t exist. If you are in the mythical “friend zone,” and you feel like you are being taken advantage of by a woman who knows about your feelings and uses that as an excuse to get favors or otherwise manipulate you, that is reprehensible as well and you should stop being complicit. Walk away. Everyone deserves someone who desires them. It is a fantastic feeling and don’t settle for less.

You might not be aware of this, but women are people. Not objects. Not something to conquer or claim. Not merely just “things” that if you can earn enough gratitude points, you will win some sort of sexually based prize. But we are, however, very capable of being really great friends and not just a means to whatever fucked up end you had in mind

In short the whole “friend-zone” thing is made-up bullshit. Stop perpetuating the myth.